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Sharp Tools for Your Amazon Business

Traffic Insights:
The most advanced reverse ASIN tool on the market

Dissect your Amazon competitors:

  • Pursue the most gainful keywords
  • Uncover the juiciest traffic channels
  • Reach out to new customer niches

Keyword Wizard:
Make your product visible in Amazon search

  • Improve Amazon SEO with our intuitive tool 
and smart filtering
  • Easily get top keywords for your listing's "Search Term" field
  • Find high-volume, low-competition terms to win search visibility

PPC Optimizer:
Make the most of ad campaigns on Amazon

  • Save time and get more return on your PPC spend
  • Automatically launch and direct the most profitable ads
  • Build and enrich the semantic core of your PPC campaigns

Amazon Product Research:
Pick the winning product to sell on Amazon

  • Uncover low–competition, high–demand products using smart filtering
  • Choose the products gaining popularity at this particular moment
  • Use FBA calculator to find the perfect product to sell on Amazon

Listing Quality Check:
Get your Amazon listings to perform better

  • Improve the quality of your listings and rank higher
  • Fix content errors and incomplete listings
  • Gather new ideas and best practices

Split Testing:
Optimize your Amazon listings for top profit

  • Maximize sales by testing listing's content
  • Simple setup and unlimited A/B testing
  • Save time on optimization routines

Listing Protection:
Monitor and secure your business on Amazon

  • Get 24/7 live monitoring for your brand
  • Track your product keywords and search visibility
  • Monitor buybox statuses and price changes

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